Emmaus Saturday Morning Menís Bible Study - Philippians  
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Emmaus men's Bible study is serious scriptural study. Its purpose is to enable you come to grips with the Word of God in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship, supported by men who care about your spiritual growth. The study's framework is part presentation and part discussion, using probing questions designed to illuminate the underlying message of the text.

At the end of each week's meeting, the next week's discussion questions will be given out to allow you to prepare for your next adventure.

Date: Saturday mornings beginning January 24, 2004
Time: 7:30-9:00 am.
Location: Parlor room of Bishop Cummins Memorial Church
Subject: Paul's letter to the Philippians
Duration: Eleven weeks
Teacher: William Meisheid
Teacher Contact information: 410-461-6387 or
NOSPAMwilliam@meisheid.com (remove nospam from the email address)
Materials: Past lessons and information about the study will always be available at
http://www.emmausanglicanchurch.org or

So, if you miss a study, or know someone who might like to join us in process, you can bring yourself up to date at the website. In addition, printouts of old lessons will always be available at the study.

This study is open to all men interested in advancing their understanding of the scriptures, including those from Emmaus, Bishop Cummins, or any other church. Coffee, tea, juice, and pastries will be provided. 

Philippians Outline
This epistle, written during Paul's captivity in Rome, was directed to the first what we would call European or Western church, founded in the Macedonian city of Philippi and described in Acts 16:12-40. While named after Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, the great conqueror and exporter of Greek language and culture, in Paul's time it was considered a Roman colony city with all of the trappings of empire.

The book is important to Christians for several reasons, including its famous kenosis passage (2:5-11) where Paul explains Jesus' laying down of the prerogatives of his divinity as well as his discussion of the sufficiency of Christ for all things in the Christian life. It is a practical book, couching even Jesus' subjugation of his divinity in the context of how our own personal desires and attitudes should be subject to each other.

Course Prayer
Dear Lord God, you created us to be in fellowship with you, and in Christ Jesus your Son you redeemed us from our sin and gave us new life through the power of the Holy Spirit. In giving us new life, you have asked us to study your Word so that we can sanctify our lives by renewing our minds and offering ourselves as living sacrifices, following the preeminent example of your Son on the cross of Calvary. We pray that you will use this study, O Lord, to change and sanctify our lives so we might become the Christian men you have created us to be, living members of the Body of Christ, and in doing so fulfill our part in advancing your Kingdom here on earth. Bless and protect our families while we are apart from them. We ask all of this in the name of your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Course Materials
Philippi slide presentation (note: some slides take a LONG time to load. Sorry.)
Lesson 1 (1-24-04) Introduction to Philippians
Lesson 2 (1-31-04) 1:1-11

Lesson 3 (2-7-04)   1:12-30
Lesson 4 (2-14-04)  2:1-11
Lesson 5 (2-22-04)  2:12-30
No handout for 2-28-04 Open discussion reviewing first two chapters
Lesson 6 (3-6-04)    3:1-11
Lesson 7 (3-13-04)  3:12-21
Lesson 8 (3-20-04)  4:1-9
Lesson 9 (4-3-04)    4:10-21
Lesson 10 (417-04) Open discussion on whole book of Philippians and examination on prayer based on Paul's prayer in Philippians.



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