Knowing God Study
An Exercise in Spiritual Growth and Discipleship
Copyright 2004 by William Meisheid

This is a serious scripturally-based study. Its purpose is to enable you come to grips with the nature of God in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship, supported by a mentor who cares about your spiritual growth. The study's framework is part presentation and part discussion, using probing questions designed to illuminate the underlying message of the text. While online, the mentor is still available through email or if necessary, telephone interaction. All serious questions will be answered.

Date: Thursdays, beginning online November 4, 2004
Location: Beyond The Rim...
Subject: Chapter by chapter study of the book Knowing God by J. I. Packer (freely supplied with dedication to needy participants - contact me)
Duration: At least 27 weeks (in three sections with review)
Mentor: William Meisheid
Teacher Contact information: 410-461-6387 or (remove nospam from the email address)
Lessons with answers from ongoing group study posted for each lesson for help in fleshing out your own thoughts.

So, if you miss a study, or know someone who might like to join us in process, you can bring yourself up to date at this website. Both the study materials and the postings from the blog study will be located here. In addition, you can print out both current and old lessons, which will always be available on this site.

This study is open to anyone interested in coming to know their God. 


While many books and authors have passed through Christian awareness over the centuries, periodically a book comes along that strikes a cord deep in the Christian community. Knowing God by J.I. Packer is one such book. While reading through Packer’s book can be memorable, studying the book chapter by chapter changes lives. I have seen those changes happen again and again over the years as I have lead cover-to-cover studies, using a one week per chapter format. While this takes about twenty-eight weeks to complete (twenty-two chapters, introduction material, section reviews, and follow-up), it allows ample time for contemplation of each truth Packer introduces, time to delve into the scripture references and consider the depths of each claim that Packer makes. As faithful students, we do mean to be Bereans after all, to question everything that is said to see if it is true, and this study should be no exception. While the study of good books can focus the growth of a Christian, I have always thought that discipleship could only be successful if it was centered in the cross of Jesus Christ and its true meaning of sacrifice, the “not my will, but thy will be done” that lies at the root of Christ’s sacrificial decision. My goal is that everyone who uses these materials, who studies Knowing God, will find the cross of Jesus Christ taking its rightful place at the center of their lives. If that happens, then I will have been a “good and faithful servant.”

A prayer for this study

Dear Lord God, you have challenged us in your Word to study to show ourselves approved and told us to leave aside the milk of the Gospel and mature into its meat. Open our hearts, O Lord, and prepare us to learn of you, to drink deep of your revelation of yourself. And as we come to know you better, O Lord, may we also come to better know ourselves. Grant us, by your grace success in our efforts. We thank you, O Lord, for your mercy and patience with us as we struggle to understand both you and ourselves better. May everything we do be to your honor and glory. Amen.