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  Emmaus men's Bible study is serious scriptural study that enables you come to grips with the Word of God in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship, supported by men who care about your spiritual growth. The study's framework is part presentation and part discussion, using probing questions designed to illuminate the underlying message of the text.. At the end of each week's meeting, the next week's discussion questions will be given out to allow you to prepare for your next adventure.

This study is open to all men interested in advancing their understanding of the scriptures, including those from Emmaus, Bishop Cummins, or any other church. It is never too late to joins us. Examine the materials below and find yourself welcomed when you arrive. Coffee, tea, juice, and pastries will be provided.

Current Course - Knowing God by J.I. Packer
An Exercise in Spiritual Growth and Discipleship

Note: This is no longer an official weekly study of Emmaus. However, the study will continue through the end of the book. However, the men meeting for this study have erratic schedules and therefore the progression will be irregular. If you are following this study, accept my apologies.
Subject: Chapter by chapter study of the book Knowing God by J.I. Packer (supplied with dedication to participants)
Duration: Up to 27 weeks (in three sections)
Teacher: William Meisheid
Teacher Contact information: 410-461-6387 or
NOSPAMwilliamNOSPAM@meisheid.com (remove nospam from the email address)
Resources: Audio version of lessons for people who need them. Lessons with answers posted each week after the class to allow people who miss sessions or who want to begin midstream to catch up.
Important Note: These audio files are intended for the use of people who already have a copy of Packer's book and need assistance getting through the material or help in catching up. It would be a severe violation of the book's copyright for anyone to download and use the audio files in lieu of purchasing the book and goes against the whole premise of the book, of the righteousness of knowing God. So, act in grace and in accordance with the laws of the land. You can order from
my link (I get 6% to help defray the cost of this Web site, but it costs you no more) or if you cannot afford it, let me know and I will have a copy sent to you, no matter where in the world you are located. If you are in a location where sending the book would invite persecution, let me know and I will hold a copy in trust for you, with your name on it, so you can use the site's audio instead.

-New- Knowing God project
I am planning on creating a seminar, designed for a single weekend or two days (evening, morning, afternoon, and evening), to present an overview of Packer's book and its main themes. It will be entitled Knowing God: Two Days To Change Your Life. It will be started upon the completion on the first book, Destiny's Passage, in the Moses series, The Lawgiver Chronicles.

Previous Courses

Philippians. A twelve week study in Paul's most personally revealing letter. Study time frame: January 17-April 17, 2004.

Jude. A four week study in the book that calls the Church to contend for the "faith once delivered to the saints."


Knowing God

Lessons will be posted as they are completed. There are audio versions of reading for people who need them. Lessons with answers will be posted each week after the class to allow people who miss sessions or who want to begin midstream to catch up.

Course Materials

-Introduction to the Study of Knowing God
-Lesson 1 (6-12-04) Introduction to Knowing God using the 1993 and the 1973 Prefaces.  (Preface Audio 1.7 meg) -Answers to questions.
-Section One
-Lesson 2 Chapter 1: Theology and the Study of God (audio 3.5 meg) Answers to questions
-Lesson 3 Chapter 2  The People Who Know Their God (audio 4.4 meg) Answers to questions
-Lesson 4 Chapter 3  Knowing and Being Known  (audio 4.6 meg) Answers to questions
-Lesson 5 Chapter 4  The Only True God (audio 4 meg)


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