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Knowing God

 Engaging the human heart with the knowledge of God
  One Christian's attempt to mentor those whom God sees fit to send his way.

Welcome! This site is dedicated to getting as many people as possible to seriously interact with J. I. Packer's seminal book on the Christian life, Knowing God. Dr. Packer died on July 17th at the age of 93. The Christian church has lost a giant of the faith but he has now had a chance to know his God face to face. Halleluyah for him!

For how this study came to be see Background.

The Knowing God Study Guides and Teacher's/Personal Study Editions are now complete -   Section One, Two, and Three of both editions are now finished. A combined download of all six editions is now available. Thank you to everyone for their support and prayers, which were very important in the completion of this work. All of the editions have been recently edited and updated on 3/30/2024.

I may do a set of videos using my study materials to cover each chapter of Knowing God. - I have just finished re-editing the study materials for Knowing God as I prepare for the possibility of this new video teaching effort. I don't know how long it will take, since my time is limited. If you are interested in this approach, let me know (contact me). I will be looking for a few people who are willing to critique each lesson before I upload the final versions. You can see info about study materials below.

Packer Rap

A friend of mine, who is a musician and has studied Knowing God with me on three separate occasions, create a music video about his experience with the last study called Packer Rap It is available on YouTube for your viewing/listening pleasure. Packer Rap on YouTube.

Knowing God by J. I. Packer
An Exercise in Spiritual Growth and Discipleship

Subject: Chapter by chapter study of the book Knowing God by J. I. Packer.
If you need a copy of the book and can't afford it or if you cannot print out the study guide, let me know. If you want to order a copy (or many copies for your group) please use the link in my Books'n Stuff page. I get a small commission and you pay the same amount for the book. Thanks.
Duration: At least 27 weeks (study is divided into three sections, which follow the structure of the book) using one week per chapter and a section review.
Mentor: William Meisheid
Contact information: 4 1 0 - 4 6 1 - 6 3 8 7 or (remove "-nospam-" from the email address)
Resources: Lessons for each chapter and section reviews.

Audio Book

Knowing God Audiobook is on Amazon- You can now get Knowing God from the Amazon in several formats. Amazon took over Audible several years ago. You can get the CD or MP3 versions. The MP3 can play on your Android or iPhone.

Online Book Text

You can get the text of the book online. The online text for Knowing God is available from E4 in Vol.3 of their E4 Bible Study Library. It also contains materials from 9 other classic authors


Completed lessons are listed below. All sections are recently edited and updated (3/30/2024) An Adobe PDF version of each each section allows you use directly or print out the study materials for your personal or group Bible study use. Please respect the copyright on these materials if you incorporate them in another publication. For information regarding use of these materials in other contexts, please contact me.

Course Materials

Study Files in PDF format

For self study you will need both the Study Guide and Teacher's/Personal Study edition so that you have the workbook to fill in your answers and the Teacher/Self Study edition with the supporting notes.

Important Note: The Teacher's/Personal Study Edition has extensive notes, and answers to the study questions to assist a teacher or a person studying alone. 

To download the desired PDF file, right-click on the link and select "Save target as..." Some features are not available in the browser. LAST UPDATED 3/30/2024.

Section 1 (Intro & Chapters 1-6) >>  Click Here

  -Section 1 (Teacher's/Personal Study) >>  Click Here
  -Section 2 (Chapters 7-17) >>  Click Here
  -Section 2 (
Teacher's/Personal Study) >>  Click Here
  -Section 3 (Chapters 18-22 and closing lessons)
>>  Click Here
-Section 3 (Teacher's/Personal Study) >> Click Here
  -The Complete Study (6 books) as a single download >> Click Here

To download the desired PDF file, right-click on the link and select "Save target as..."
Some features of the study are not available in the browser version of the PDF Reader. Download the file locally and open it with the current Adobe PDF Reader.

Printing Concerns

Some users have reported problems printing the web links in the document (e.g., all scriptures are linked to when printing grayscale (not color). To correct this, in the PDF Print dialog, select the Advanced option at the bottom left of the window. In the Advanced Print Options dialog, in the Color Management section, check the "Let printer determine colors" option, and then click OK. That should solve your unreadable or missing links problems. If you are still having problems, contact me and I will try to help.


This effort grew out of my almost 40+ year history with the book and my continuing interaction with the challenges it makes on my life. Knowing God makes those challenges on everyone who seriously engages the book. The Study Center came to fruition due to the intersection of three events:
A group study of the book with men from my church.
 2. A later decision to do a weekly study of the book on my blog

     Beyond The Rim....
 3. An attempt to create a Knowing God weekend seminar (which I later
    decided to put on hold).

The Knowing God's group study framework is part presentation and part discussion, using probing questions designed to illuminate the underlying message of the text. The questions in this study are different from those supplied by InterVarsity at the end of some editions of the book (including the one I reference) or the same questions in their stand-alone study guide. These materials are free for your use but are copyrighted. Please contact me if you want to use portions of the materials in another work or need assitance for a group or church-wide study. I can supply you with the Word source documents. Some churches adjust the materials to their specific needs. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Items of interest

Today's terminology

post-christian - n. A view that Christianity is no longer the dominant civil religion of society, and where the prevailing values, culture, and worldviews are no longer Christian and may even be antithetical to it.

For more terminology. - The single best source for facts on the web.

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