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General Writings


Moses - A series of historical novels, eventually to be five books, about the life of Moses spanning his birth to his death.

Book One: Beginnings. This will cover the day Moses is put into the Nile and the how God prepares the way for him. Contrary to popular mythology, the Egyptians all knew Moses was a Hebrew from the moment he was found. Why was the edict not applied to Moses? What about his new mother, the princess Asati's husband? Who tried to kill him before his new bed was even warm? All this and more in the truly enthralling story of the first day of Moses' new life.

Non Fiction
Indexing - Successful Indexing with RoboHELP HTML Edition. An introduction to online indexing in general and RoboHELP HTML Edition in particular. Well received though sales have been weak.

Various workbooks for RoboHelp, now out of print but listed on Amazon under Meisheid.

Samples of my efforts at poetry.

Daily Reflections
Collected short insights and musings.

Howard Dean: A Man Adrift - Dean's reaction to the flap over the debauched Super Bowl halftime show is more revealing than he realizes.

The Passion of the Christ - Some thoughts after seeing the controversial movie by Mel Gibson.

Various musing and thoughts 'from beyond the rim...'

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Religious Writings


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