The Art of the Double Standard: Christianity as the Only Unacceptable Religion  Ŭ
Copyright 2003 by William Meisheid (7-30-03)

You will search in vain for any evidence of the ACLU prosecuting a case against any religious expression in the public sphere except that of Christianity. Similarly, in the mainstream and liberal dominated press outlets you will be hard pressed to find any condemnation of bad religious behavior except that of conservative Christians. Liberal, non-homophobic, feminist Christians are okay. Why is another matter, but they are okay.

Occam's razor is a rule in science and philosophy that says that the simpler of two competing explanations or theories is most likely the right one. Why search for complex reasons when simples ones exist? Why it is possible to misuse the razor, it is useful for cutting through the pettifoggery.

Applying Occam's razor to the current sociological and political interaction with religion, in which the only derided expression of faith is non-liberal Christianity, leads to some interesting conclusions. Christianity is unique. Christianity has been singled out. It is under attack in almost every sphere. There is a sense of anything but Christianity in the world at large.

That leads to the natural question of what is it about Christianity that engenders such animosity. Secularists will point to Christianity's perceived history of barbaric persecution, such as the Spanish Inquisition or the enslaving of most of native South America by the Portuguese or the endless 'religious' wars that engulfed post-medieval Europe. In all of these instances, it is often forgotten that the actions of political figures that are religious often has nothing to do with the religion they espouse.

However, the duplicity of judgment is obvious when you consider the treatment of current Islamic brutality and the lack of general response, while minor Christian mishaps are trumpeted everywhere with glee and all things Christian are attacked in every sphere.

Consider the recent report of the killing and dismemberment of a recent Palestinian convert. Under Muslim sharia law, any male who leaves Islam faces the death penalty, though the only 'leaving' that appears to invoke this law is converting to Christianity. A recent WorldNetDaily article reports that 'According to the Barnabas Fund, local Christians working to support converts from Islam report that Islamic militants in the Palestinian Authority area deliberately target converts. The terror group Hamas reportedly receives funding from Iran specifically for this purpose.'

Where is the outcry in the mainstream press? Can you imagine the response if Christians were dismembering members who converted to Islam? No. Since it is Islam doing this silence pervades the media.

Why? Occam's razor leaves us with one simple explanation. There is an overarching effort to destroy Christianity by any means possible and the use of double standards is the norm. The culture at large imbues Islamic bombers with a certain élan. They are patriots fighting for their beliefs against Jewish/Christian oppression. However, a 'Christian' abortion clinic bomber is vile, inhuman, and extremist. Though objectively there is little difference when you rigidly categorize the events, no objectivity is applied when a 'Christian' is involved. There is no acceptable defense, no mitigating background. Even the Unabomber can get a sympathetic cast placed on his story, but not 'Christian' bombers. They are beyond redemption, which is rather funny since their religion is the only expression of faith that allows true redemption. Sort of a public oxymoron if their ever was one.

Who is behind this? You will search in vain for an overarching human center of conspiracy pulling the strings in this anti-Christian gestalt. The myriad participants in the lynching will deny any superincumbent conspiracy. However, Judeo-Christian history and theology has a candidate, Occam's razor's best solution. It is the father of lies. It is he, whose sole purpose left in existence is to destroy Christianity and its Judaic root. His doom assured, he lashes out on every front with only one objective, a singular ambition, destroy Christianity, everywhere and in any way possible. Like a cornered rat, he battles with no regard for any personal agenda other than inflicting as much injury on his enemy as possible.

The enemy is clearly identified. It is Satan who attacks; the agents he uses are merely pawns on the board. We should expect no quarter, for non will be given. The fight is to the bitter end and all Christians are lambs for the slaughtering; everyone else are the butchers. There is nowhere to hide. Duplicity and double standards are the order of the day. The battle is joined and everywhere is the front line. Where do you stand?