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Study to show thyself approved unto God 2 Tim 2:15


Biblical Resources
Nehemiah - My ongoing study on Nehemiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem. I will eventually post a full discipleship study using Nehemiah, calling on the twenty years I have been engaged with my favorite OT character.

External Resources
The Bible Gateway - Web Bible and search site (highly recommended).
Bible translations and editions from Dr. Mark Goodacre at the University of Birmingham - The best listing available.

Meditations on various subjects
Good Friday Meditations - Some thoughts about the events of this day and the seven last words of Jesus.
Who Killed Jesus? A look at the evidence and the possible unintended consequences of recent legal efforts by the reparations crowd. 2-19-04
The ABCs of Living the Christian Life
- A simple device for expressing some of the basic principles of Christian living. In process and not complete. (8/27/03 - present)
Balance - thoughts on the nature of balance and acceptance and how God sees the difference. (8-3-95 - edited 4-03-2002)
Resignation - A Dichotomy of Eternal Proportions - How does God define the words we use? (9-07-95)
The Writer's Quest - thoughts on the nature of self and soul and its effect on the Christian who writes.

Bishops and Other Syncretisms - A few thoughts on Episcopal Bishop Robert W. Ihloff's pastoral letter on the election of a practicing gay bishop in New Hampshire. [Click here] to see the full text of the bishop's letter. (8-18-03)
Are You Building the Bridge on the River Kwai? - Thoughts about compromise and helping the enemy advance their agenda. (9-03-03)
Islam, Antichrist, and the European Union - musings on Europe's drift to Eschatological relevance.
The Art of the Double Standard: Christianity as the Only Unacceptable Religion - musings on the obvious, at least to Occam. (7-30-03)
Love as Suicide: The Role of Enablers in the Episcopal Church - musings on the misuse of love in the current crisis over homosexuality in the nominal children of Thomas Cramner. (8-05-03)
Of Nexus Points and Other Significant Moments - Thoughts on the crucial times in life when we are given chances to embrace the fullness of God's call on our lives, to aspire to completeness, to greatness. (9-01-03)
The Power of Renewal - A look at the influence of Jerusalem on Athens or how our Christian theological heritage invigorates the public square. (9-11-03)
Who are We? - Thoughts about what it means to be Christian in the light of recent happenings. (10-8-03)
Lovers of Truth - A response to a challenge to my linking love and truth in my previous essay, Who are We?.(10-16-03)
Love and Hate - A few thoughts on why there are a few things that I love and hate.(10-29-03)
Whose Church is it Anyway? - Who does the Church belong to? I guess that depends on how you define it. (11-19-03)
Discipleship - The second of two parts on becoming the Christian God wants us to be. (8-19-01)
The Eucharist - The nature and decision of the Eucharist. (8-17-03)
Faith - The central topic of the Christian life. (8-12-01)
St. Timothy's Chimes articles
Articles written for St. Timothy's monthly newsletter.
Old Harness in a New Field - thoughts on new ministry for old Christians (11/2002).
Reconditioning Your Harness Through Prayer - getting ready for new ministry with prayer (12/2002).
What God Really Hears When You Pray - exploring what God hears compared with what we say (2/2003).
The Prayer of a Life Lived - comparing our spoken prayers to words our life speaks (3/2003)
I Don't Know Where I Fit - How do I fit into the Body of Christ (4/2003)
Half Empty or Half Full - Are you a consumer or producer in the Body of Christ? (5/2003)
Fast or Slow - Does building a great business apply to building a great church? (6/2003)
Rain, Clouds, Puddles, and Living Water - Living water as the rain that comes from personal clouds. (7-8/2003)

YADM (Young Adult Discipleship Ministry)
These materials were studies in growing the Christian life with lessons suited for adults, especially young adults.. They were taken from work done at St. Timothy's from 1991 to 2002. They are currently being edited into a workbook, soon to be published both in a printed version and as a free to use PDF. Stay tuned for future info. If you are interested in more information about these materials, email me.

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