Love and Hate
Copyright 2003 William G. Meisheid   10-29-03 

I love passion. It keeps life and work from sinking into numbing  boredom.

I hate passion. It makes the simple complex and creates division where none should exist.

I love the Church. Its members make life more livable, enabling sharing and friendships to grow and flourish in the spirit of Christian love (agape), while being a place of solace and comfort in the midst of the shifting sands of the surrounding culture.

I hate the Church. Its members make mountains out of molehills, take offense where often none is intended, and throw emotional charges around with little regard for the after effect.

I guess the Church is just a part of life, subject to the same strengths and weaknesses we all share, since the Church is really the people that make it up and in the end it is only as effective as our collective will to make it so.

While we are currently flogging the consecration of Bishop-elect Robinson, and properly so, let's remember that we are all sinners and we all must constantly strive to keep sin from becoming an integrated part of the fabric of our own lives. In the process of rightly dividing the Word of Truth we should never forget to hate the sin while still loving (agape) the sinner, never forgetting that the love we offer is not license, but tough love, always striving for the redemption and salvation of those we engage.

God loves and God hates and He does so with perfect justice and inestimable mercy. We should endeavor to do the same.