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"...contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints." Jude 1:3b

This page is my collection of thoughts, ideas, and meditations, and I am solely responsible for its content. It does not reflect the official positions of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, its Senior Ward, or its Vestry. While it may include items written by third parties, they are only included with the permission of the authors or are publicly available. Note: As of November 9, 2003 I have left St. Timothy's and resigned my membership.


ECUSA - Some ongoing thoughts about ECUSA, the Diocese of Maryland, St. Timothy's Church, my former parish, and my faith.

I have left the Episcopal Church and my former parish, St. Timothy's, Catonsville, Maryland. I believe my former parish has gone into the Episcopal Babylonian captivity and is trying to live in a bubble of denial. As we have seen over the last few years, bubbles, whether financial or otherwise created, pop. May God have mercy on them when it does. I, however, have been called out of Babylon.

My letter of resignation from St. Timothy's to the Vestry, Wardens, and Locum Tenens (priest in charge)..

My confrontation with Bishop Rabb over the consecration of Gene Robinson, the whole story.

Bishop John L. Rabb visits St. Timothy's and is confronted about the consecration of Gene Robinson. Baltimore Sun article (local cache - no longer available on except in archives which have a fee to access). If you are using IE, click here for the best facsimile.

The deed is done. The response has been less than hoped for. For some, the compromising has begun. Virtuosity has a compilation of responses on its website - November 3 and November 2 digests (these links are no longer available, instead see the VIRTUOSITY Digest 2003 Year in Review.

Under the Gown of Jesus - What Gene Robinson's election and consecration as Bishop of New Hampshire really means...

Only God could stop me - Bishop-elect Robinson says God told him to do it...

News from the other side - It appears Bishop-elect Robinson is on a crusade of sorts.

Love and Hate - A few thoughts on why there are a few things that I love and hate.(10-29-03)

The Last Full Measure of Devotion - Wondering who it will be that will take that unyielding stand on the bridge of truth. (10-19-03)

A Statement by the Primates of the Anglican Communion meeting in Lambeth Palace. Click here for a critical response to their statement. (10-17-03)

Other opinions on the Primate's statement.

Lovers of Truth - A response to a challenge to my linking love and truth in my previous essay, Who are We?.

Who are We? - Thoughts about what it means to be Christian in the light of recent happenings. (10-8-03)

Reflection on John 6:60-69 - A response of one parishioner in the Diocese of Maryland, Mark Thomas, to the current crisis over Bishop Robinson's election to bishop and what it means to him and his family. (9-15-03)

Bishops and Other Syncretisms - A few thoughts on Episcopal Bishop Robert W. Ihloff's pastoral letter on the election of a practicing gay bishop in New Hampshire. [Click here] to see the full text of the bishop's letter.

Love as Suicide: The Role of Enablers in the Episcopal Church - musings on the misuse of love in the current crisis over homosexuality in the nominal children of Thomas Cramner (8-05-03).

Resources for Dissenters

American Anglican Council (AAC)  - A network of individuals, parishes, specialized ministries, and Episcopal bishops who affirm Biblical authority and Anglican orthodoxy within the Episcopal Church.

Anglican Mission in America (AMiA) - A missionary effort of leaders of the Anglican Church in Africa and Asia charged with building an alliance of congregations committed to gathering, planting and serving dynamic congregations in the Anglican tradition.

Virtuosity - An online digest of Anglican biblical thinking from a sometimes biting conservative perspective, which includes a LISTSERV mailing list.

Emmaus Anglican Church - my wife's church and a church completely committed to the historic Christian faith expressed in the historic Anglican tradition. Currently meeting at Bishop Cummins Memorial Church, 2001 Frederick Road,  Catonsville, MD 21228 (This is no longer our church, as it was in 2003. We now attend Good Shepherd, CEC Church)

Human Sexuality

Marriages made in heaven—and in Hell - A discussion of the fundamental issues of sexuality and marriage, and how Judeo-Christian sexual ethics change the course of human history, and how it is the only hope for a civilized future. (9-15-03) An excellent essay by David Kupelian.


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