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 The Back Door was started October 17,
 2003 as an effort to
 maintain my sanity
and sense of humor
in the face of so much


Christian Satire for the Thinking Christian
Genesis 21:6 Sarah said, "God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me."

Irregular News                                                             Old Irregular News
Y'all come on down.
A church near Galveston, Texas is taking a cue from America's interest in winning prizes by giving away a new motorcycle and a new car in an attempt to increase their attendance. At its New Year's Eve service, the Abundant Life Christian Center in La Marque, Texas will give away a new Harley Davidson Sportster, but only to a man, and a new Chrysler PT Cruiser, but only to a woman.

Everyone who has attended services over the last several weeks has had their names entered into the drawing. Anyone who brought a visitor had their name entered a second time. The prizes are assured since the church has already purchased the vehicles.

The winner must attend the New Year Eve's service or a new name will be drawn. The church expects an overflow crowd. Despite objections about crass commercialism, the church's pastor, Walter Hallam, defended their actions in an article in the Galveston Daily News, "This is an opportunity to give something to someone that will encourage people to come to the house of the Lord." No word on whether or not he will try to do an impersonation of game show host Bob Barker during the drawing. 12-30-03

Quotable Notables
"When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.'' Unknown

"It is a promise that is is a goal that we promise that we have as a goal to work towards." Ingela ThalÚn (Swedish social-democratic politician)

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Items of interest

The Door - The original Christian satirical magazine, formerly The Wittenburg Door.

Random Thoughts

Halloween - the term itself comes from the Gaelic hallow-e'en or the eve of All Hallows, which is the name given to the evening of October 31. This evening precedes the high Christian feast of Hallowmas, All Hallows, or All Saints' Day, November 1, when the church celebrates all those recognized as official saints of the church, but due to the limited number of days in the year cannot have their own day set aside. Interesting how the celebration of evil has taken over this evening before, since God considers the new day to start at sundown, not midnight as we do.

More Random Thoughts.
(most Random Thoughts are inspired by someone else, though some are my own. Inspirational source credit is given on the Random Thoughts page.




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